March 28, 2014
How AOL maintains editorial independence in Ford-sponsored ‘This Built America’ series | Poynter.

December 2, 2013

i need this every day


i need this every day

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November 25, 2013

i’m sorry


i’m sorry

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April 17, 2013

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October 18, 2012
Shoutout to my media works!

October 17, 2012
For all the self-employed....

September 6, 2012


Well, if this isn’t the best thing we’ve ever seen. (via esus4)



Well, if this isn’t the best thing we’ve ever seen. (via esus4)

September 5, 2012
"In the end, the American dream is not a sprint or even a marathon, but a relay."

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro responds to “we built it”. (via theatlantic)

What Julián said.

(via barackobama)

(via barackobama)

July 20, 2012
How Social Media Changes Breaking News: Theater Shooting

On Sept. 11, 2001, I woke up to my clock radio alarm, already tuned to the college radio station, WSBU. Normally, a morning dj played music, but instead I heard my assistant news director talking about planes hitting the World Trade Center.

On July 20, 2012, I woke up, picked up my Droid phone and took a glance at Twitter (it’s a bad morning habit, that I’ve been intending to break). Here is where I saw the hashtags #theatershooting #aurora #batmanshooting. Once again, I was astonished and saddened, twelve years later, through a different form of technology.

It’s no secret that much of the public gets its breaking news alerts now through social media, mainly Twitter. Whether it’s the death of Whitney Houston or Osama Bin Laden, or who has won the Superbowl, it’s the fastest and generally reliable news source (ex. NOT Gotye’s apparent death). 

Personal Posts

The difference in this news story shows in the TYPES of posts that can be found on social media after/during a shooting. Some of the “firsts” I experienced this morning: 

Gunshot wounds from a victim via Reddit:

Seeing a dead victim’s last Twitter post, 20 minutes before the movie began:

These types of uses of social media allow us to really get inside the story, things news could not do before. However chilling, it does provide users with more information.

Opportunities and Positives

Social media also provides such tragedies with great opportunities for increased communication and outreach. 

One of the most extensive ways to follow this story, is to actually follow the Aurora police department on Twitter. 

The best use of social media for this tragedy is also the ability to instruct people on where to reach out. @Mediabistro posted this today:

As always Mashable brings us the most thorough roundup of how events play out online. To get a full timeline of how users documented the tragedy, check out their latest:

Above all, we hope we don’t have to view any such disasters online. My thoughts are with the victims and their families, as well as the wounded and frightened. Just go online, we are all here for you.

June 5, 2012

Facebook may allow kids under age 13:

Should kids under 13 be allowed on Facebook? And what should Facebook do with their personal information? Check out my interview with WIVB-TV’s Al Vaughters (a class act reporter!).

May 14, 2012

Are kids overconnected? Check out my two cents in this great story on WKBW Channel 7.

February 3, 2012
PR love for Today’s Beer

Got a nice blog post for my friends at Today’s Beer on the Kegworks blog. It’s a fun app with sleek design for beer label enthusiasts. 


January 11, 2012 BETAS Coverage

Love those little monsters at that did this great write up for me after I sent them my press release!

January 10, 2012
"Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled."

January 8, 2012
Build Your Social Media Schedule For 2012

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